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Burgers and Champagne

Burgers and Champagne – The Grape Restaurant

There are times, all too often, when life throws some real punches. No matter how big or how small, those bumps in the road seem to be the moments we all dwell on. But what if, instead of focusing on the bad, we took time...

Veal Marrow with Wonton Chips

Tei-An – 8 Course Omakase Dinner

Like many of you, I have my favorite dishes at my favorite restaurants.  Sometimes I catch myself getting caught up in a cycle of eating the same one or two items over and over again. This is not because the other dishes are bad, but...


Little Sichuan – The Good, the Weird, the Pork Bung

Damn it I love Chinese food! Especially when it’s authentic, passed-down-through-generations, can’t-read-the-menu-on-the-wall-because-it’s-not-English, family recipe kind of Chinese food! And that’s exactly what it feels like to eat at Little Sichuan. What’s even better is that this place has all sorts of unusual and weird foods,...