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Salt and Pepper Crab from R&G Lounge

Take Me Down to Chinatown

How can you visit San Francisco, or “The City” as the locals like to call it, without making a stopover in Chinatown? I mean, it has everything a food crazed omnivore could ask for! From the delicious to the outrageous, it is all here for the...


Little Sichuan – The Good, the Weird, the Pork Bung

Damn it I love Chinese food! Especially when it’s authentic, passed-down-through-generations, can’t-read-the-menu-on-the-wall-because-it’s-not-English, family recipe kind of Chinese food! And that’s exactly what it feels like to eat at Little Sichuan. What’s even better is that this place has all sorts of unusual and weird foods,...