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Cane Rosso Lockhart Smokehouse Burnt Ends Pizza

Cane Rosso’s Lockhart Burnt Ends Pizza

I love Cane Rosso and I love Lockhart Smokehouse.  But I was certain that combining two of my favorite dishes from each of these restaurants would not turn out well. I was completely wrong. So wrong that I may never trust my food instincts again. It was...

McDonald's Trademark Fries

Why is the “Man” Messing with My Lunch?

I have a confession to make.  Even thought I consider myself a foodie, I still have several guilty pleasures which involve fast food.  And the McDonald’s Happy Meal is one of them.  In high school my friend Tiffany and I would go after cheerleading practice to get...


Little Sichuan – The Good, the Weird, the Pork Bung

Damn it I love Chinese food! Especially when it’s authentic, passed-down-through-generations, can’t-read-the-menu-on-the-wall-because-it’s-not-English, family recipe kind of Chinese food! And that’s exactly what it feels like to eat at Little Sichuan. What’s even better is that this place has all sorts of unusual and weird foods,...