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Tacos, tacos, tacos… Everywhere you turn in Dallas there seems to be a new taco spot opening up. In fact, there are so many that they may soon overtake Starbucks as my means of giving directions to strangers – “Go three block down Taco Avenue… turn right when you see Taco Shop A… go another half mile and make a u-turn when you see Taco Shop B, and it’s right next to Taco Shop C.” So, when I heard about yet another new taqueria opening up on Fitzhugh Avenue, my initial reaction was, meh. But, when Jose of The Taco Trail fame, Dallas’ very own taconnoisseur (it’s a word… I swear), started singing the praises of El Come Taco, I had to give it a shot. Boy, I am glad I did.

This small and unassuming little taco shop on Fitzhugh, right next to the infamous Dalat Vietnamese Restaurant, will pack quite the punch to anyone’s generic taco-dulled taste buds. Although Chef/Owner Luis Villalva is still twerking… I mean tweaking (sorry… damn you Miley Cyrus! Be gone, demon!) the menu, what they already have is more than enough to make you want to come back. What he and his family have up their sleeves could make El Come Taco a true standout in the crowded Dallas taco scene.

Pastor (Pork) Taco

Pastor (Pork) Taco

We started off with the traditional Pastor Taco, which comes on double stacked corn tortillas and is topped with nothing more than diced onions and cilantro. Holy Pastor Batman! I took my first bite and could see that Come Taco was not messing around. The incredible combination of flavors, mixed with high quality ingredients makes for a fantastic first, second and finishing bites. But wait! Don’t forget to ask for, and use, the house made Pastor sauce. Add it to your taco with a touch of lime and you will wish you had ordered a dozen more… but don’t worry, you can!

El Come Taco Sauces and Fanta

El Come Taco Sauces and Fanta

The sauces are specially made to pair with specific tacos, taking their flavors to the next level. I highly recommend trying them as instructed or mix and match. Go wild, they’re delicious! Oh and don’t forget to accompany your meal with a… Wanna Fanta! Dontcha Wanna?!  Ha! I’ve been tortured by this song all day, so I am passing it on to you like a bad case of the clap. You’re welcome. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh right! El Come Taco sauces… try them.

Arrachera (Beef) Taco

Arrachera (Beef) Taco with Nopales

Next up, the Arrachera (Beef) Tacos with Grilled Nopales (Cactus) and the Cecina (Marinated Pork) Enchilada Tacos topped with potatoes and grilled onions. Both of these tacos are absolutely fantastic! When I first tasted the Cecina, I proclaimed it was my favorite of the day. But then all it took was a bite of one of the other tacos for me to switch my allegiance. There really was too much taco goodness to pick just one.  So don’t be afraid to try them all!

Sesos (Veal Brain) Tacos and Lengua (Tongue) Tacos

Lengua (Cow Tongue) Tacos flanked on each side by Sesos (Veal Brain) Tacos 

For the adventurous among you, El Come Taco has what you seek. The Lengua (Cow Tongue) Taco was tender and tasty without being overly fatty like many tongue tacos. For the Zombie in all of us, you can try the Sesos (Veal Brain) Tacos. Brain is one of my guilty pleasure. The El Come Taco brain had a tofu like texture with a mild flavor that was complemented nicely with some lime. Although it wasn’t the best brain I’ve ever had, it was a damn good taco. They may not be for everyone, but I think they are definitely something everyone should try at lease once.

Sesos (Veal Brain) Tacos

Sesos (Veal Brain) Tacos 

But we were not done! Order after order came to our table, and like hungry hippos we devoured each one like white marbles in 1985… Suadero (Brisket)… Cabeza (Cow Head)… Longaniza (Chorizo).  It was all fantabulous (okay, I’m just making sh*t up now). So, what did we learn? You can never order enough tacos. And always go for the weirdest thing on the menu. Okay, now I’m stuffed and happy. Let’s go home and take a nap.

*** Before we left, I spoke with one of the family members/owners, Javier. He confirmed that they are working to put Cricket Tacos  officially on the menu! Did I stutter? As well as a Pambazos (Let me Google that for you), which is a sandwich stuffed with Mexican chorizo and potatoes and then dipped in adobo sauce. These items will definitely help round out the menu… Call Me! Plus, for the social drunk in all of us, their beer and liquor license is in the works. Alcohol + Taco = A Happy Tacoholic.


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El Come Taco2513 N. Fitzhugh Ave., Dallas, Texas 75204

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