How To Wait In Line For Dallas’ Best BBQ – Pecan Lodge

In the words of the great Aristotle, “Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet.”

Deep right? Well, I’m not patient and I don’t like to wait.  In fact, I may even have a full-on waiting phobia. Spider phobia? Please, they are slow, have no wings and fit comfortably under my thumb… I got this. But, ask me to “Please hold” during a call and I curl up into a ball and softly sing comforting songs from my childhood.

So, when my wife and I suddenly had the urge, at 10:45AM this past Sunday, to go get meat drunk and stuff our faces with brisket, I hesitated. The only place that could possibly quench our thirst for bovine goodness would be Pecan Lodge, but going there 15 minutes before they open?  I started breaking into a cold sweat as I envisioned the never ending serpentine line forming from the register. Would we wait an hour? Two hours? Would there even be brisket left when we finally got to the front? As my wife slapped sense back into me, I decided to man up, put on some pants (You’re welcome) and take my chances. Because as my buddy Aristotle once mused “it’s fruit is sweet” or in this case savory and smokey.

Brisket Goodness

Brisket Goodness

Luckily we don’t live far from their current location at the Dallas Farmer’s Market, so I used all the mad driving skills I’ve acquired from the 20 or so Fast & Furious movies and made it there by 10:59AM. One minute to spare! When we arrived, the line was just as long as anticipated.

Sunday Line at Pecan Lodge

Sunday Line at Pecan Lodge

It was now time for the dreaded wait.  I know not all of you are as Wait-a-phobic as me, but I decided to devise a set of guidelines, or more accurately tips, for surviving the Pecan Lodge weekend line. So, here it goes:

**Disclaimer: These are not hard and fast rules, so feel free to improvise. Please keep in mind that I have made all of these up and there may have been some alcohol consumed during the writing of this post. 

1) Be sure to arrive with someone you enjoy spending extended amounts of time with. No whiners. Trust me, the wrong co-pilot will have you scouring the floor for anything that could be fashioned into a prison shank.

2) Greet your fellow hungry neighbors.

3) Did I mention no whiners?

4) Sample… Sample… Sample… You will have plenty of time, so fill the gaps between conversations with individual Free Sample Missions or FSM’s. See what the farmers market has to offer as your co-pilot holds your place in line.

5) Take a quick trip outside to see if you can catch a glimpse of the magic smokers and maybe even a quick photo op with the Brisket Superman himself Justin Fourton.

Justin Fourton - Pecan Lodge

Justin Fourton – Pecan Lodge

6) Then, once noon rolls around walk to The Cheese Peddler and grab yourself an ice cold beer… You deserve it.

Beer Break

Beer Break

7) Keep an eye out for people coming around the corner and just realizing how long the line is… the look on their faces are priceless! It’s the same look you had on your face a short while ago, but you’re already more than halfway there and it’s much funnier when it’s not you.

8) Try to not slap the people that walk by and question the rational of waiting this long for ribs and brisket in the back of the head.  So, at the risk of upsetting a few people… I would like to propose the following: if you don’t understand why Pecan Lodge is worth the wait then here are a few alternative options for your enjoyment Dickey’s Barbecue,  The McDonalds McRib… Oh! and I hear Golden Corral has some great all you can eat ribs too. Okay… moving on.

9) You’re almost to the front! Be prepared to order. Know what you want and don’t ask to customize every item. Honestly, this is BBQ not Starbucks. If you’re not sure, just order the Holy Trinity of Texas BBQ… Brisket, Ribs and Sausage.

Pecan Lodge

Pecan Lodge

10) Do you really need step 10? It’s been almost 2 hours… Devour and enjoy!

So, basically what I’m trying to say is, I’ve got 99 problems and a rib aint one!… or for the ladies… If you like it, then you should have put a smoke ring on it!…  And apparently that Aristotle dude really knew what he was talking about. You really can’t go wrong at Pecan Lodge. The brisket is out of this world and the ribs are so good you’ll question your sanity. They weren’t named one of the top 4 BBQ spots in Texas Monthly’s Top 50 2013 list for nothing. They were included alongside the BBQ legends Franklin Barbecue, Louie Mueller Barbecue and Snows BBQ. Pecan Lodge has literally put Dallas BBQ on the map.

This is not just BBQ it’s an experience and the fruit is oh so sweet. So, if you haven’t had a chance to try Pecan Lodge or if it’s been more then a few weeks, put on some pants and head on out. You won’t regret it.

Bonus Tip: Order dessert. Even if you don’t have room, share the Coconut Key-Lime Bread Pudding (see above) with your co-pilot.  It will be worth it.


Pecan Lodge - 1010 South Pearl Expressway Dallas, TX 75201

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