LA Burger – Spreading the Kimchi Gospel

My friend has been raving about LA Burger for at least a yeanow, so when the opportunity arrived, I jumped at the chance to give this place a try. What exactly is LA Burger? Is it a burger joint? A Korean place? A hot dog shack? A taco stand?  Well, the answer is YES! LA Burger is all of these things and more!

I’ll admit that my knowledge of kimchi is very limited and is entirely dependent on Google and Wikipedia. But, I love Asian food, experimentation and innovation, so this place was the moth to my flame or the flame to my moth… yeah… either way you get my point. :)

After a longer than expected drive, we walked in and my friend suddenly became a kid in a candy store… “We should get that and that and that…Oh! and that!” After I slapped him in the face, he took a few minutes to gather himself. Then with some assistance from John Lee one of the brothers/restauranteurs, we were ready to fill our bellies.

First up were the K-Fries (K for Kimchi), which were absolutely delicious. The basket arrives loaded with shoe-string fries, bulgogi (Korean spicy beef), kimchi, cheese, cilantro, onions and their top secret spicy sauce. Everything from the fries to the cilantro screamed freshness and worked perfectly together.  The house made kimchi added just the right amount of spice. What a great way to start our meal.

LA Burger Kimchi Fries

Kimchi Fries

Next, their namesake, LA Burger, arrived at our table.  I was salivating at its mere presence. Every restaurant seems to have a burger, but their teriyaki glazed Angus patty comes loaded with fried kimchi, American Cheese, Jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce and the king of all burger toppings, a perfectly fried egg. It’s a hard burger to compare to others.  If the patty was all by itself, it would probably just be decent burger.  But throw in the kimchi kick and you have something special.  I will definitely order it again.

LA Burger

The LA Burger

Just as I thought I was getting full, the Seoul Dog is placed in front of me and I get my second wind. The Seoul Dog is a large, all beef American hot dog fused with Korean bulgogi and sautéed kimchi. Ummm yeah… It’s as messy at it sounds, but oh so good.

Seoul Dog

Seoul Dog

Last but not least, by any means, were the Bulgogi and Dejigogi (Pork) tacos. Both tacos come on fire-grilled corn tortillas covered with chopped onions, diced cilantro and LA Burger’s spicy sauce. To be honest, I was much to busy stuffing my face with these two fantabulous (is that a word?) tacos to take any notes, so you’ll just have to trust me… try them and you will not be disappointed . In fact, get two orders!

Bulgogi and Dejigogi Tacos

Bulgogi and Dejigogi Tacos

So, at the end of the day, what did I learn? First, that the Lee brothers are 2Legit!… 2Legit 2Quit! – Good luck trying to get that song out of your heads. ;) Also, that LA Burger is the best Korean/burger/hot dog/taco joint in DFW! So, come… kneel at the LA Burger alter, listen to kimchi gospel and give praise to the food revolution.


LA Burger – Irving Location                                                                                                                        10045 N. MacArthur Blvd. Irving, TX 75063

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