Take Me Down to Chinatown

How can you visit San Francisco, or “The City” as the locals like to call it, without making a stopover in Chinatown? I mean, it has everything a food crazed omnivore could ask for! From the delicious to the outrageous, it is all here for the tasting.

After much research and consulting with my local homies, I settled on R&G Lounge which came highly recommended by friends and Yelpsters alike. The menu is quite extensive and will surely have the traditional dishes you’d expect as well as many you’ve probably never even heard of before.

First came the Salt & Pepper Crab… I’m sorry, I need a moment. This is the South meets the Sea, while grabbing a beer with the Far East. I mean how can you not want to eat something that is staring back at you? This dish has unbelievable flavor that will make you forget your manors. I was literally nibbling the buttery batter off the shell long after gobbling down the sweet meat inside. I even looked up several times expecting to see my dinner companions staring back at me with looks of disgust and horror, but found them buried face first in a crab leg as well. This is a must try and I would recommend it to anyone visiting this wonderful establishment.

Salt and Pepper Crab from R&G Lounge

Deep Fried Salt and Pepper Crab

This leads us to our next dish, Soya Sauce (same as Soy Sauce) Duck Tongue. If there is a winged creature that tastes better than the humble duck, I have yet to find it. With that said, I think I will stick to all the other parts of this bird the next go around. The phallic looking tongues (Don’t act like you weren’t thinking it) have a cartilage texture with the  essence of soy and duck. It wasn’t bad, just not something that I would order again. All in all, I am glad I tried something that has been on my “to eat” list, but I’ll pass next time.

Soy Sauce Duck Tongue from R&G Lounge

Soya Sauce Duck Tongue

Finally the Special Beef. I’m sure some food marketing guru could find a more enticing menu name, but they could never find a more appropriate one. This beef is truly special, so tender and sweet that I could not stop shoving it into my mouth hole. Eat it with rice, eat it on its own like beef candy, trust me it doesn’t matter. Just order it and you will be compelled to build a shrine in it honor.

Special Beef from R&G Lounge

Special Beef

This is truly an authentic Chinese restaurant with some amazing dishes, but make sure to do a little research and follow the advice of your waiter. We had a few other menu items that the waiter did not recommend and although they were good, we were not blown away (Seafood Fried Rice & Chow Mein with Shrimp). So, the next time you are in “The City” make sure to stop by with an open mind and an empty belly.

**There were so many interesting menu items that I have to make another visit. A few menu items that I plan on trying next time are the Abalone and Geoduck. Both are very hard to come by in most parts of the country and can be a bit pricy.


R & G Lounge is located at 631 Kearny Street between Commercial Street and Clay Street in the Chinatown neighborhood of San Francisco. Here are a few links for more information.

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