Not Your Mamma’s Buiscuts and Gravy

UPDATE: Sadly, Jack’s Southern Comfort Food closed its doors on Greenville Avenue in 2013. Their website is still up and rumor has it they are still catering while they are looking for a new storefront.

I am a Southern girl through and through.  Cream gravy runs through my veins.  So when I heard that a new restaurant called Jack’s Southern Comfort Food had opened its doors for business, I jumped for joy and then made my way over to try out their brunch menu.

Opening at 10:00 am, we were some of the first folks there.  In fact, the buiscuts were still in the oven when we arrived.  It was about 10 minutes before our order made it’s way to our table, so we took in the the lovely Southern “Shabby Chic” design of the restaurant while we waited.  They were DEFINITELY worth the wait.  Crispy and buttery on the outside, the insides were cloud soft.  I couldn’t decide if I preferred them with the honey butter or with the house made blueberry basil jam on top… so I had them with both!  It took quite a bit of self-control on my part to not polish them all off before our main dish’s arrived.  Instead, I had them wrap the last one up to-go and enjoyed it the next day for breakfast.

Biscuits from Jacks Southern Comfort Food

Freshly Baked Biscuits with Honey Butter and Blueberry Basil Jam

I enjoyed the biscuits so much, in fact, that I ordered them as part of my main dish as well.  As I said before, cream gravy runs through my veins.  So the Jimmy’s Sausage Biscuits and Gravy were an easy choice for me from Jack’s refined menu of Southern delicacies.  Now, these are not your mamma’s biscuits and gravy.  They are definitely a new take on an old classic.  The biscuits were covered in a rich bechamel sauce brimming with roasted red peppers, grilled mushrooms and  caramelized onions.  Add to that the spicy Jimmy’s sausage, and you have a winning dish!  But make sure not to overlook the crispy roasted potatoes on the side.  Dropping one on the table was the saddest moment of my meal.

Biscuits and Gravy from Jack's Southern Comfort Food

Biscuits and Jimmy’s Sausage Gravy

Chef Terrance made an appearance just as we were leaving.  After a quick chat with him and a little online research, we learned that he was a sous chef at Cedar Social and involved with Screen Door in its first few years of being open (when I believe it was at its best). He’s a legit chef with a point of view that I think has been missing in Dallas’ food landscape.  Southern food that warms your heart and your soul, but doesn’t leave your spoon greasy!

I will definitely be back to try their cafe menu, which features items like the Brisket Biscuit Dip, a braised brisket sandwich served on a biscuit with caramelized onions, grilled mushrooms, Pepper Jack cheese with a side of brisket gravy.  Or maybe I’ll try one of their take home casseroles like their brisket chili enchilada casserole or chicken spaghetti pot pie.  Who am I kidding… I’ll try them all.  And I recommend you do the same!


Jack’s Southern Comfort Food is located at 1905 Greenville Avenue in the Lowest Greenville neighborhood in Dallas.  Here are a few links for more information.

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