Meat Fight!!!!

First rule of Meat Fight… We do not talk about… ah forget it… this was too good not to talk about!

We were lucky to get tickets for this year’s Meat Fight, which sold out in about an hour! This celebration, which put fear into the hearts and loins of all the pigs and cows throughout Texas, took place at the Sons of Hermann Hall on November 4, 2012.  It pitted 12 of Dallas’ best chefs in a battle to the death (golden beer can trophies, actually) in four BBQ categories: pulled pork, brisket, sausage and WTF (wild card).

Meat Fight 5

The chefs included:

The judges, including some of the best pitmasters in Texas:

And while we’d like to give you a detailed description of each of the 12 items we tasted on this glorious day, we were simply too busy stuffing our faces and our fingers were too greasy to take notes! Besides, this was more about the celebration of carnivorism and raising money of the National MS Society.  Some of the highlights, for us included the brisket by Chef Brian Luscher (and who’s team, Meatallica, took home the overall grand prize), the sous vide, candied pork belly (yeah, that’s a mouthful literally and figuratively) by Chef Matt McCallister, and the smoked chicken heart (and other miscellaneous innards) sausage by Chef Chad Houser.

So take a gander at the photos below and follow Meat Fight on Facebook make sure you get your tickets for next year’s event.

Meat Fight

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