Burgers and Champagne – The Grape Restaurant

There are times, all too often, when life throws some real punches. No matter how big or how small, those bumps in the road seem to be the moments we all dwell on. But what if, instead of focusing on the bad, we took time out of our day to celebrate the good, no matter how small?

On the first cold, rainy day of the oncoming winter, we recently took some time to celebrate good times and good friends with one of our favorite traditions… Burgers and Champagne.

Now I know what you’re thinking… There is no way those two items could ever go well together. But you’d be oh so wrong to judge this odd couple before giving it a whirl!

Burgers and Champagne

Burgers and Champagne

The Grape, located on Lower Greenville Avenue, has been voted the best burger in Texas by Texas Monthly.  Luckily for us, it’s located just down the street from our house. Only served on Sundays and Mondays, The Grape burger is a work of art. The flavorful beef patty is accompanied by two pieces of house-cured pepper bacon and delicious Vermont white cheddar atop a toasted buttery pain au lait bun. Crisp butter lettuce, ripe tomatoes, red onions, and bread and butter pickles come on the side for your own burger dressing, but I recommend not messing with perfection. Don’t ask for ketchup or mustard–the light touch of dijon it’s dressed with adds just the right amount of complexity without competing with the flavors.  Just enjoy the burger for all its glorious, juicy perfection. A healthy helping of hand cut fries are the only addition you’ll need.

But to make this more then your average burger meal, a celebration, if you will, you must also order a bottle of your favorite champagne (cava or prosecco will do as well). There is something slightly absurd about this pairing, yet the utter perfection of The Grape burger somehow finds a way to convince your mind that its alright to bring this duo on to the table and into your soul.

So wether it s burgers and champagne at The Grape, or beer and BBQ in your own back yard, never miss a chance to celebrate the good.


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